8 Tips to Help You Jump Start 2016

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1. Write It Down!
a. Create two 2016 “Power Goals” for each area of your business, your life and for your team. What are Power Goals? These goals will require you to push yourself Hard and when accomplished they will alter how you do business and propelled you toward success.
b. When writing your Power Goals make them as detailed as possible. Add dates, times, even rewards. This will help you stay accountable to your dream.
2. Get Accountability Partner!
a. Ask two people to be your accountability partners for 2016. As them to help hold you to your goal. Having someone to remind you of your dream and to help your stay the course and will be a driving force to getting things done.
b. You can also be their accountability partner.
c. I would suggest your accountability partner should not be someone you talk to on regularly because the accountability becomes watered down in the everyday conversation. Find someone that you can trust, that you push you and call you out on your stuff (Yes that is hard because we are right most of the time…lol) and call upon them.
d. Give them your goals and deadline dates and set appointments with them in advance for the days that you will talk. Having set appointments will assist in developing consistency. Knowing that you will have to speak with your partner will force you to have something accomplished.
e. DO NOT ask someone who will not empower you to push yourself!!! If is not benefit to you if your accountable Partner because that everything you do is great. If will not develop greatness in you.
3. Schedule Vision Days!
a. We will fill our calendars to meet with people because we see value in those meetings. Why can’t we set appointments to meet with ourselves? Your Vision Meetings can be once a month (which I suggest because it help keep you on track and allow you to see your mistake quicker) or once a quarter or mid-year. Whichever you choose, make sure set the Vision Day now and stick to your appointment. You are more important than anything else you can think of.
4. Use a Calendar!
a. If you truly want to be a success. You MUST use a calendar. There is no way that you can keep everything you need to know in your head or make it to everything and complete everything in proper timing without a calendar. Operating a business or life without a calendar is like planning a party and not tell people where the party will be. How successful do you think that party will be? It’s lonely dancing by yourself. 
b. Use Outlook, calendar on your phone, on your desk or on your wall. Whatever works best for you, just use it.
5. Stay focus on the Goal!
a. It is very easy to begin a project and steer ourselves in a totally different direction before we know it, it is October and we still haven’t completed something that could have been done is April.
b. Learn the awesome word “NO” this year. It doesn’t have to be said with rudeness or malice; it just has to be said. If you really want to Jump to higher heights you will have to learn how to remove “Outside Projects” that others assign to you. Stay focus on your Goal.
6. Change how you speak and what you say!
a. The power of your words is amazing! The very thing you confess with your mouth will truly come to pass. So if you speak life like I’m going to succeed, I can accomplish this task or I’m a winner those things will live. The same goes to if you speak death like I will never get this done, I don’t think I can do it or this is really hard. Well, needless to say, those things, goals, and dreams will die or worse just linger unfulfilled. Change What You Speak for …
7. Evaluate and Eliminate!
a. Evaluate, take out time and ask yourself “Is what I’m doing right now helping me accomplishes my goals?” or “Is this really necessary?” If the answer is No, STOP and eliminate that task. You see it’s easy to be busy but being effective is the goal.
8. Expect Success!!

Mark Your Calendar, Friday January 29th Launch!!

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